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Facing autumn

Oil on canvas, 200cm x 150cm, 2023

Still in the eye of the storm

Oil on canvas, 180cm x 110cm, 2023

These paintings continue my exploration of subjectivity and interest in transcendence. They are concerned with giving attention to moments of physical but not mental presence, the somewhat cinematic moments where internal narratives take over and we become absent. My artistic style and mark making embodies a tenderness that imbues a sense of compassion. Colour is also used to epitomise states of feeling and contribute to the sublime atmosphere. The static nature of the figure engages the idea of looking and connecting, it is through this that I am able to engage with the subject. In terms of composition, a relation ship is elicited between subject and viewer as the point of view angles and withdrawn size of the figures draws the audience into the space of the painting. The artworks act as a microcosm to human nature, our desire to see beyond the private sphere and seek out emotional connections. 

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