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Oil, acrylic and imitation gold leaf on canvas 

60cm x 60cm x 4cm


This painting explores similarities between plants and humans, specifically how we grow and develop. The composition connotes ideas of meditation and photosynthesis, linking both physical and mental growth. Through making the figure frozen in time greater comparisons can be made between humans and organisms such as trees. Details of the clothing are minimalised so that the similarities to the forms of plants are clearer, whilst maintaining a human image. The figure appears to be growing out of the earth symbolising mankind's connection with the planet. Bold colours are used to promote the sense of joy and utopia displayed by the figure whilst exaggerating colours usually seen in a landscape.


Mixed media on canvas

(Oil, Acrylic, imitation gold leaf, thread, beads, felt & polymer clay)

145cm x 125cm


This multi-media piece creates an analogy between human communities and plant symbiosis, whilst exploring ideas of utopia conveyed through beading and gold. The collaged composition, patchwork style shapes and stitching allude to ideas of togetherness whilst the hanging canvas itself pays homage to tapestries and their social history. Making work with the hand is an integral element to the work and helps to create organic forms linking back to nature.

These artworks were created for the exhibition Swings and Roundabouts, which took place at Slades Park in Bournemouth, UK. Harmony and Growth were made in response to the local environment of Slades Park, both inspired by the people and nature in the space and the similarities between he two. Using people from the park in the pieces , these works combine the site specific nature of the project with my ongoing fascination with portraiture.

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